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Skwibble is the online baby journal for parents to safely capture and keep those wonderful memories of their children. Parents can invite ‘buddies’ into their closed-network providing them with all the interactions they enjoy in mainstream social networks. Parents can create chat-groups with ‘buddies’ to share their precious moments adding to the joy of telling the child’s story. After uploading a pre-selected number of posts, then can turn their story into a beautiful memory book to treasure for years to come (in development}.

Skwibble raised ~£80k of SEIS funding in June 2017, following which the app was launched on Android. In addition, we implemented new marketing strategies to accelerate user acquisition and further the development of our technology. The majority of Skwibble’s growth was actualised in Q4 2017.

Skwibble is a fast-growing platform being accessed by ~500 parents and loved ones from around 20 countries monthly. On average our active users spend ~4 minutes per day on the app and post 7 times a month. Since starting our new marketing initiatives in post our last investment round, our downloads have increased to ~350 per month with monthly active users increasing in line with this.

The management and advisory team have a wealth of experience in scaling businesses, the childcare sector, marketing and commercial strategy. Led by the Birju Pujara, who was a key player in taking a start-up to a £22m business in just 7 years, leading it to eventual acquisition, the team are well equipped to drive Skwibble forward to become a globally recognised brand.

Skwibble are seeking a minimum £150,000 of new investment. This funding will allow for Skwibble to increase budgets on the proven marketing strategies and add the new functionality to monetise the app. Revenue drivers include book sales, partnership referrals and once user numbers hit targeted levels, new revenue lines such as advertising will open too. All of these contribute to average revenue per active user. Several marquee strategic partnership discussions are also in place to give Skwibble an edge in market place.

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